Wednesday, 31 December 2014

th larst day of to fowsund an forteen

i fort i shud rite sumfing eer cos if i dint then i shudnt av it an sumwun els cud yews th spayss on th intnet. i rytid down my parswerd now so i can com eer mor oftun.

today it dus be th larst day of th yeer an i bin finkin bowt th funs wot we ad in th yeer. sumtimes it wos abit of fun an uvva times it wos alot of fun. then i wos finkin ow much funs a marafun wud be .. lots an lots i finks.

i dusnt no wot th new yeer av got for us but i shor we wil no wot to do bowt it.

i wishis al of yoo ware evva yoo dus be .. a elffy appy an peesful new yeer


Sunday, 28 July 2013

i fownd it

i av fownd my blog so tooday i is rytin sum werds to gow in it an wil rite sum mor unnuva time.